FlexiPump™ Irrigation Tube Set

The FlexiPump system includes specialized tube sets for your instruments. Tube sets come in either 15 or 30 psi depending on your pressure requirements. Tube sets can also hook up to either 2, 3 or 5 instruments at a time. They are easily disinfected for infection prevention assurance. Each tube set includes a TimeStrip™ that allows users to know when tubing needs to be replaced.

Tube sets should be changed every 30 days and disinfected every shift change to ensure that the FlexiPump functions properly.


  • Fit all current FlexiPump flushing system models
  • Provides safety for delicate devices from pressure up to 30 PSI
  • Can flush 2, 3, or 5 instruments at once

Technical Specifications

  • Two, three or five lead tubing available
  • Pressure relief valves ensure safety for instruments
Chapter 6 – Changing Tube Sets
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